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“Every youth sports organization has the social responsibility to recognize sports injuries as an epidemic and establish policy in prevention through educating parents and coaches. Policy in injury prevention should always be peer-reviewed, evidence-based and certified.”

- Dr. David Satcher, Former Surgeon General, United States of America

Coach Safely initially was organized in 2013 to join other thought leaders in national policy addressing the epidemic of youth sports injuries. Coach Safely has addressed policy in collaboration with National Children’s Hospital, Safe Kids Worldwide, the NCAA, the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Council of Youth Sports and the Aspen Institute. Coach Safely’s work evolved to focus on policy in Alabama by collaborating with state leaders in sports medicine, coaching, public health and government. Those efforts led to the Alabama Legislature’s passage of the Coach Safely Act in May of 2018.  The law was based on the course syllabus developed by CoachSafely, LLC (copyright 2017).

The Coach Safely Act’s passage led to the formation of the CoachSafely Foundation as a 501(c)3 charitable research and education organization. In partnership with the Alabama Recreation and Parks Foundation, both organizations focus on advancing the state’s compliance with the Coach Safely Act mandate to train the estimated 60,000 coaches in all youth sports in all communities.

The CoachSafely Foundation’s goal going forward is to advance the state policy that has supported the training of tens of thousands of coaches to the other 11 current or soon-to-be Southeastern Conference states (Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Texas and Oklahoma). The strategy is to build state-by-state coalitions of support for a Legislative Resolution inspired by the original, which has been piloted in Georgia by the CoachSafely Foundation since 2019. The expectation is that these coalitions will consist of each state’s public health, medical and activities associations under the leadership of its recreation and parks association.

The legislative objective in each state is to build a common standard for youth sports safety training based on the CoachSafely syllabus that 1.) is sport-neutral, comprehensive, evidence-based and peer-reviewed; 2.) addresses the current youth sports injury epidemic; and 3.) as a matter of risk mitigation, addresses this training in association with property use by youth sports organizations.

This safety training will be delivered to states other than Alabama through our distribution partner, Play Safely Sports. Play Safely is a youth sports technology/coach training company with the operating capacity to engage the estimated 400,000 local sports leagues in the United States to serve administrators, coaches and parents on a national scale. Our goal is to train one million parents and coaches using the CoachSafely syllabus.

In Alabama, the course is available at no charge to coaches or their organizations.

Outside of Alabama, there is a cost per course with volume discounts available.

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