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“I love what you’re doing. You’ve really set the state of the art for education, especially at the younger ages.”

- Dick Gould, National Championship Tennis Coach, Stanford University

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Experts agree. Our youngest athletes are not mini-professionals. In the words of Dr. James Andrews, the CoachSafely® medical director, There is a myth that children are less vulnerable to sports injuries. The truth is young athletes are more vulnerable to injury than adults because of open growth plates and developing bones and joints. The medical science for athletes age 14 and under is a specialty all its own.”

That’s why the CoachSafely Foundation’s medical advisory board developed the comprehensive, evidence-based and peer-reviewed CoachSafely training course. It’s the resource every coach needs to keep our youngest athletes in the game and every Youth Athletics Association needs to empower its coaches through education.

If you are ready to take the course, click here

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