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“Every youth sports organization has the social responsibility to recognize sports injuries as an epidemic and establish policy in prevention through educating parents and coaches. Policy in injury prevention should always be peer-reviewed, evidence-based and certified.”

Dr. David Satcher, Former United States Surgeon General
Policy Points of Emphasis

State Laws

  • To mandate training of youth sports coaches in a comprehensive, evidence-based and peer-reviewed injury mitigation course
  • To mandate adoption by youth athletics associations conducting high-risk activities on property owned, managed or leased by the state or its agents
  • To be implemented and administered by State Public Health Departments

Youth Athletics Associations

Certified Coaches Roster

  • To be created and managed in partnership with State Health Departments like the original in Alabama
  • To provide a publicly accessible statewide database of coaches certified in youth sports injury recognition and prevention
  • To empower parents and other caregivers to help ensure compliance with state laws and youth athletics association policies
Our Grassroots Policy Partner
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Alabama Recreation & Parks Association

Founded in 1943, the Alabama Recreation and Parks Association (ARPA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit representing more than 900 professionals delivering park, recreation and therapeutic recreation services in local, county, state, school district, private and agency settings. They are dedicated to advancing the profession in the state through leadership, education, advocacy, promotion and service.

The ARPA is an official affiliate of the National Recreation and Parks Association,

In 2019, CoachSafely partnered with the Alabama Recreation and Parks Foundation (ARPF) to deliver a certified injury mitigation training course to youth coaches through the ARPA, which has 93 agency and community members in cities throughout Alabama. The ARPA/CoachSafely Initiative has collaborated to create guidelines and best practices for youth sports coaches, parents and administrators.

Our National Policy Partner
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National Council of Youth Sports

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) believes that participation in sports provides physical, social, emotional and cognitive benefits over a lifetime and that every young person has the right to participate in sports in a safe, wholesome and nurturing environment.

NCYS seeks to train and educate coaches, educators and family members to ensure that young people participate in a safe environment so they get all of the benefits associated with youth sports.

NCYS, a charitable organization, has been instrumental in enhancing the youth sports community since 1978. With its member organizations serving some 60 million youth registered in sports programs, NCYS is uniquely positioned with the extensive reach and comprehensive approach necessary to spearhead nationwide, transformative, collaborative efforts.

Our National Policy Team
Jack Crowe
Founder & Chairman
Drew Ferguson
Wayne Moss headshot policy team
Wayne B. Moss
Executive Director
Natalie Norman
Executive Director
Shannon Shy
Board Member
Terri Winston
Chief Policy Officer
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